Last Day and travel

Yesterday was our last day in Milford. We went at school until the 4 Mod that we had to leave. It was really sad, anyone wanted to leave Milford because we had a very good friends there and a family. We arrived Boston at 3:00 and we had to take off at 6:00 but our flight was delayed so we took the plane at 9:00. We arrived Madrid very tired at 9:30 after a long tryp. This 3 weeks have been great.


In the USA, the TV is very different than in Spain, there are more than 600 channels and this channels are specialized in an only kind of progaram, for example, a channel broadcast comic shows, another broadcast cooking shows, another, football games... My family's favourite shows were "Modern family" or "Criminal minds". I watched TV with English subtitles for understanding better the dialogues.
The sports are very important. If a person that is a very good basketball or American football player wants to go to the University, he can get a scholarship. They appraise the sports as the marks. Students have three or more hours of gym each week, they watch in TV a lot of sports too and they encourage their school or town teams so much.

Thursday 19

We were at school like a normal day but I had to stay with Nicole because Sam, my host, wasnt at school. Then in the afternoon I went with Miriam both cristinas Sam and Nicole to the Solomon Mall. I bought some present and a bracellete and a t-shirt for me. We had dinner there and at 7:30 we went to vinni's house to a party. It was really funny and we celebrate Christine's Birthday.

Wednesday 18

We have been in Newport where there are a lot of mansions. We were in The Breakers Mansion that was really big and beautifull. They also had diferents kind of servants and a very beautifull sightseeing of the see. Then we went to Marble house. It was a mansion too but smaller. The wall was covered of platinum and they had a shower that you can put sea watter and normal watter. When we finished the visit we were near the harbour eating in Panera. Finally we took the bus to go to Milford. We made a stop at the Patriots Stadium

Tuesday 17

We had normal classes until 13 o'clock that we had lunch with the Rotary club, the food was really good. Then in the afternoon we were playing tennis and american football. I wanted so much do some sport because I havent done any sport for 2 weeks. I had dinner with Miriam and Cristina at Nicoles' House and the we went to the swimming pool.

Monday 16 NEW YORK

After a long night sleeping we wook up very early and we took the bus to go to The Liberty Statue. We had to take a boat and wait for a long time in the queue. In the boat we were so cold but we could see the great sightseeing of New York. I tought that Liberty Statue was going to be bigger than it was but i liked it so much. After we went to the new york harbour. We could have lunch and shopping, I ate a very very good crepe. Then we went to UN  and a guide showed us some rooms and told us some imformation about their activities. Finally we took the bus to go to Milford.

Sunday 15 NEW YORK

Sunday 15 was the best day of the excange because we went to NEW YORK!!!!!!!! It was really amazing. We had to get up very early at 5:30 and we took the bus at 6:30. The tryp was 4 hours but finally we arrived New York. First we went in Rockefeler Square and 5th Avenue shopping and seeing the amazing skyscrapers and taking some photos. The shops was really big with severals  floors and many things to buy.
Then a guide shows us the most impotants things, houses, monuments of new york. After that we went to Chinatown and I bought some presents because its very very cheap. In the evening we were watching "The Lion King" Musical and it was great. I liked it so much. When the musical finished we had some free time in Times Square. We appeared in one big screem gecause we took a photo on American Eagle. We  also went to Hard Rock Cafe and a few shops more.

Saturday 14

Sam had to work in the moorning so I was at home tidding my room. In the midday I went with Marisa Mario and Sam to a pumpkin farm and we bought some pumpkin to carve them. We met with hector at his house and we did it. Then at night we went to the hallowen party. I was dressed up like Scream.

Friday 14

Finally I wasn't sick so I went to the school. The day was a few boring because  we went to the medium school to speak wirth the kids but 2 hours saying the same things and answering the same questions is not very fun. In the afternoon we had a party at Emily;s House. We had fun.

Thurday 13

After a good rest I wook up better and I hadn't temperature so in the afertoon I could go with my friends to see the swimming competicion.

Wednesday 12

I wanted to go Boston but I couldn't because I had a very high temperature so my host mum took me to the doctor and he said that I had anginas and he prescribed to me an antibiotic. I come home but the afertoon was realy bad because of a terrible headache.

Tuesday 11

After a very bad night I wook up with temperature and sore throat so I didn't go to school. I had to stay all the day in the bed and It was really boring. In the afertoon Hector Alvaro and Mario came to my house and I they told me that they were going to swim but I couldn't because I was still sick.

Monday 10

We were on Boston seeing the acuarium and the red sox stadium. The acuarium was a little boring but the red sox stadium was amazing.We took some photograph and the guied told us some interesting things. In the afertoon I  was playing pool with my host.

American Sports

AMERICAN FOOTBALL: American Football is the main sport of America, many boys and girls practice football  and is the national sport. The NFL is formed by 32 teams and they play a regular season of 16 matchs and a Play-off called "Super Bowl".

BASKETBALL:The NBA or National Basketball Association (National Basketball Association) is the leading U.S. professional basketball league.
In the regular season each team plays 82 games, evenly divided between home and away games. The calendar is not the same for everyone. The teams face opponents from their own division four times, before the other two divisions of his lecture, three or four times, and against the other conference twice a year.

División Este

  • Toronto Blue Jays
  • Tampa Bay Rays
  • Baltimore Orioles
  • Boston Red Sox
  • New York Yankees

División Central

  • Cleveland Indians
  • Chicago White Sox
  • Minnesota Twins
  • Kansas City Royals
  • Detroit Tigers

 División Oeste

  • Anaheim Angels
  • Oakland Athletics
  • Seattle Mariners
  • Texas Rangers

The National Hockey League currently consists of 30 franchises spread over six divisions of five teams each. For the Eastern Conference divisions are the Atlantic, Northeast and Southeast. For the Western Conference, are the Northwest Division, Central and Pacific. The criterion for distribution to teams in each division is geographic. The tournament is divided into regular season, where they play all the clubs, and a final for the title, which classifies the top eight from each conference.
Each team plays 82 regular season games, 41 home and 41 fuera.7 This phase of the tournament is usually held from October through April.

Sunday 9

I woke up very late and I was with Mario all the moorning because Sam was sleeping until 12:00. I ate at Mario's house and in the afertoon I went to the mall with him and we met with cristina and patricia there. We were looking around, finally at night some spanish and american people went to a haunter house.

Saturday 8

I went in the moorning to the target and I bought my custom and a small suitcase. Then I went with Sam and some friends to the iceskiting and it was really good. I fell down some times because I am not a good iceskiting but Hector do it quiet good. In the afternoon I was watching an american football match. They were the same age as me and they also had cheerleaders. I was in the stands encouraging milford buy finally they lost. At night we had a very funny party at Sam's House. Some people slept over in our house.

Friday 7

Today has been a very enjoy day. We only had 2 hours of school and we were doing a pizza, It was really good. When the school finished we went to an outlets. I bought some clothes and present. At night I went to a party in the school and then we continued the party at Vinny's house. It was really funny.

Thursday 6

I got up at 6:45 and i went to the school like all the moornings. I was watching a film in the history class and the we went to biology class. At the third mod the spanish people went to the computers room to do the blog. In the afternoon seam and me had to be at home to take care of emma his little sister so we invited some people to his house and we were playing pool, pingpong and listening music. We couldnt go to the swimming pool because was to late.

Wednesday 5

Today we have been in sturbridge. Sturbridge is an old traditional american town. It wasnt very good but I have fun a lot. We were scaring chikens and eating all the time. I think I am going to be fat soon. In the afertoon I was with Hector and Catie in the mall. I bought some things like a hand of boston.

Tuesday 4

I got up at 6:45 and my host mum had prepared for me some eggs with bacon, it was really good. Then at school we were all the day at spanish class answering question to the american people and speaking with them. When the school finished we went to DQ to eat something. We were also seeing the swimming competicion at schoool and in the afertnoon the spanish and our host went to the bowling.

Monday 3

The first day at school was really good. We were in the hall of the school, Fran Olano, the principal and superintendente were talking about the excange and then we ate some cookies. The students showed us the school and finally we went to each class. In the afertoon I was with some friends in Patriots Stadium taking photos and shopping.